LoFi Melodies out now

The album features a blend of nostalgic and modern soundscapes that take listeners on a mesmerizing journey through timeless beats and melodies.

"LoFi Melodies" is a 29-track album that showcases our signature LoFi sound, which is a unique combination of lofi hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music. The album is filled with dreamy melodies, lush harmonies, and catchy hooks that will have listeners tapping their feet and nodding their heads.

We're thrilled to finally release 'LoFi Melodies' to our fans. We've spent a lot of time crafting the sound for this album, and we believe it's our best work yet. We wanted to create something that was both nostalgic and fresh, and we think we've accomplished that.

The album's standout tracks include "Flying thoughts", "Rainy Mellows", and "Morning Charm". These tracks are sure to transport listeners to a state of blissful relaxation, as the smooth melodies and rhythms wash over them.

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